I’ve always poured my heart and soul into creating my music. However, over the years, I lost touch with another passion, and that is drawing.

I attended art classes when I was a child and quickly realized I had a love for illustrating. I also realized I was colorblind when I was the only kid with kick-ass brown clouds and purple water. But hey whatever; when life gives you lemons, color them orange.

As I grew older, and crayon color descriptions turned into something only a drunken toddler could have created, I started sketching in charcoal. My colorblindness didn’t bother me so much as it forced me to create in other ways, hence my simple black & white fashion sense. You should have seen some outfits I would go out in.

As time moved on and life took over, I began focusing solely on music. I put down the pencils and picked up a guitar. Fast forward to today, and hey… I’m a full-time musician. The best part is, music merch has given me a reason to create other art again.

Now I’ve reignited my long-lost passion and my artful mess of a mind has risen from the ashes. Who cares what color clouds and water “should” be? I sure as hell don’t. I’m creating my unique line of colorblind original artwork apparel. If the colors you see here look questionable, just chalk that up to life’s little oddities.