Ogre Blood - COMING SOON

I clearly remember my childhood Sunday mornings with a special nostalgia. Walking into the kitchen and watching Dad throw together his signature Bloody Mary like a mad scientist. The countertop covered with ingredients and speckled with bloody drops like a witch’s lab. He had perfected this recipe over many years. Though I was too young to indulge in the brunch masterpiece, I can’t deny that I didn’t occasionally steal a sip of that mouthwatering spicy gift in a glass.

Coming of age, I became a proud member of my parent’s Sunday ritual club. Just like Dad had done forever, I began sharing his special potion with some of my closest friends. Compliments were received, heads were nodded in approval, and many agreed it was one of, if not their single, favorite Bloody Mary mix. A proud son I was.

The logical next step was to make my own, but alas, I was lost. So, after years of trickery and coercion, I finally conned Dad into sharing his recipe secrets. Being the stubborn perfectionist that I am, I went about seeking to improve on this perfect poison. I proceeded in much trial and error to build the perfect Bloody Mary mix, in my humble opinion. However, after a final approval from many test subjects, including my Pops, I can proudly say that I have admirably re-invented his age old recipe.

I consider myself somewhat an expert of the boisterous Bloody Mary; a mixologist of the brunch dark arts. I have tasted many great Bloody Mary mixes, but nothing ever came close to Dad’s. I took something my father created, built on it, and re-created my signature version. The combination of our two recipes has resulted in the finest damn lip smackin’, tongue slappin’ Bloody Mary mix you will ever taste. Please welcome your taste buds to Ogre Blood!

Let’s get bloody ~ J.