Historic Kent Island

Historic Kent Island is my passion project and here’s why...

I’ll bet most people have heard of Jamestown, Plymouth, or even Roanoke. But, have you ever heard of Kent Island? Few. Kent Island is one of America’s earliest permanent English settlements, possibly even the third. Why is it not recognized the same as Jamestown and Plymouth? The histories of Jamestown, Plymouth, and the lost city of Roanoke are common school lessons, but no one ever mentions Kent Island. Maryland’s little isle of Kent in the Chesapeake Bay is steeped in history, conflict, controversy, bloodshed, struggle, and drama.

The Historic Kent Island Organization was started to bring the attention of the public to this oft forgotten settlement. Our mission is to have Kent Island nationally recognized as an integral part of America’s history; to be as significant as Jamestown and Plymouth and preserved as a historical landmark. One of the biggest issues Kent Island faces is that it is being overrun by irresponsible development, losing the very thing that makes it so special.

Fields and forests are being paved over to fill the pockets of “leaders.” Burial grounds are being dug up with zero respect for the dead, separating bodies from their headstones and moving them elsewhere or even outright losing them. Long lost tribal villages that are found during development excavation are not being reported and preserved. Laws are being bent and broken with no opposition. This would never happen in Jamestown or Plymouth and should not be happening on KI. Historic Kent Island is here to make a change before it’s too late.

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